Open-source software

mTRF-Toolbox is a MATLAB package for modelling multivariate stimulus-response data, suitable for neurophysiological data such as MEG, EEG, sEEG, ECoG and EMG. It can be used to model the functional relationship between neuronal populations and dynamic sensory inputs such as natural scenes and sounds, or build neural decoders for reconstructing stimulus features and developing real-time applications such as brain-computer interfaces (BCIs).
PERMUTOOLS is a MATLAB package for multivariate permutation testing and effect size measurement. It uses efficient resampling procedures to generate the null distribution empirically, providing distribution-free, nonparametric hypothesis testing. Family-wise error rate is controlled using the max correction method, making it suitable for multivariate testing. PERMUTOOLS offers permutation-based hypothesis testing and confidence interval estimation for a range of statistical tests including the ANOVA (one-way, two-way), t-test (one-sample, pairedsample, two-sample), F-test (two-sample), Z-test (one-sample), correlation analysis (Pearson, Spearman, rankit), as well as measures of effect size with bootstrapped confidence intervals (Cohen's d, Hedges' g, Glass' delta, Cliff's d).
RaceModel is a MATLAB package for stochastic modelling of multisensory reaction times (RTs). It can be used to build parallel models of multisensory information processing for both OR and AND task designs (e.g., the race model), as well as bisensory and trisensory paradigms. Included is a systems factorial technology framework for inferring system architecture and workload capacity (Townsend & Nozawa, 1995). System architecture can also be inferred using a novel framework predicated on biasing the stopping rule (Crosse et al., 2019). Other features include geometric measures of multisensory benefit (Otto et al., 2013) and modality switch effects, and an outlier correction procedure for data cleaning.